Saturday, May 14, 2016 Denton, Texas
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Cinco de Mayo Parade Categories

1. Heritage:

This award should be given to the entry that best captures the traditions of Mexico. The entry should display numerous colors and/or reflect a certain style. For example, the use of costumes or music that is representative of a certain region of Mexico.

Main Criteria:

1. A theme, style or tradition of Mexico.
2. Numerous Colors.
3. Costumes or music.

2. Best Youth Entry:

This award should be given to an entry that consists primarily of youths. It should be judges to the basis of effort in style, decoration, or choreography put in to the youths. For this award, youths should be considered to be individuals below the age of 17. Extra points should be given to any entry using costumes or music.

Main Criteria:

1. Predominantly youths in group.
2. Best effort in style, decoration, or choreography.
3. Incorporation of costume or music.

3. Most Spirited:

This award should be give n to the entry that best captures a festive mood through its use of colors, music, dance, etc. Extra consideration should be given to entries with costumes, displays, or color coordination. Points should also be given if the members of the entry will be providing some sort of performance in the parade.

Main Criteria:

1. Captures a festive mood.
2. Incorporation of colors, music, dance.
3. Extra points given for costumes, displays or color coordination.

4. Most Culturally Diverse:

This award should be given to the entry that best captures a theme of diversity. An entry should be judged on its ability to incorporate numerous cultural themes through the use of music, costumes, or decorations. This entry should promote an awareness and strength of diversity.

Main Criteria:

1. Capture theme of diversity.
2. Incorporates music, costumes, or decorations.
3. Promotes strengths of diversity.


The entries will be scored by a panel of judges made up of Civic Leaders familiar with the Mexican culture. The winners of the categories will be announced prior to the parade and recognition will be presented to the winners immediately following parade.